“Bill’s talent runs deep and wide.  To my delight, the man and his many gifts were no less than magical in their contributions.  His professionalism and keen sense of the power of simplicity were absolutely indispensable in organizing, shaping and focusing the material for this book.  If I ever write another, I hope William Patrick will come back once more to work the magic in his bones."


- Sidney Poitier, Academy Award winning actor and director, author of the New York Times #1 bestseller The Measure of a Man

“In over thirty years of my published books, never before have I had the pleasure of working with an editor who brought the combined skills and dedication that William Patrick has brought to this project.  He’s a marvel in creative talent—a talent that led him to perfect the flow to this story.  I thank him for giving this manuscript a layer of sophistication, and for his constant commitment towards the integrity of the craft that makes me look like the writer I wish I had always been.”


- Dr. Robert H. Schuller, founder of the Crystal Cathedral Ministries, author of My Journey.

“Bill Patrick is a rare and wonderful human being.  Minding the Body, Mending the Mind became a surprise New York Times bestseller largely due to his publishing instincts and direct involvement with the writing and revisions.  He kept at it until the “voice” was just right, guiding me out of science-speak into accessible language without compromising the integrity of the work.  I owe much of my success as a writer of eight books to his generous and patient tutelage.  Bill is an author’s and publisher’s dream come true; superbly talented, smart, honest, and a pleasure to work with at every level.  Any person fortunate enough to be involved with him can tell you the same thing.”         


- Joan Borysenko, PhD, psychotherapist and immunologist.

“Bill Patrick brings to book projects the kind of outside (and outsized) talent that great studio musicians bring to recording sessions.  Whether working as a soloist or a sideman—co-writer, editor, or book doctor—Bill is the consummate professional, combining amazing literary skill with the serious savvy of someone who’s spent a lifetime in the business.”


- Paul Zak, PhD, Director, Center for Neuroeconomics, Claremont Graduate University, author of The Moral Molecule.

“I’ve never seen a turn-around like this.  We were on the threshold of having this book be cancelled, but after your involvement it’s been embraced in the most dramatic way, and it was your editing that had everything to do with the transformation.”


- Tina Bennett, William Morris Agency

“I’ve watched you work miracles with two major memoirs, yet what is even more impressive is that you were able to effect complete transformations in both cases while earning the lifetime friendship and respect of both men. That says a great deal about you.”


- Steve Hanselman, LevelFiveMedia